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Outdoor solar lights are just all-around efficient.

Check out all of the different options you have for solar yard lights!

To keep your lights shining their brightest for years to come, you may wish to check out our solar yard light care and maintenance page!

Place your outdoor solar lights along pathways to make it easy to walk around your yard after dark. This will do more than just enhance the look and feel of your home, it will make it safer.

You may want to consider a solar post light for this. Or maybe some solar flood lights if you want to light up a very large area! Solar bollard lights also a very stylish choice.

This helps by illuminating obstacles in your yard, making it less likely for you to trip over them in the dark.

Solar flagpole lights are the way to show off your patriotism 24 hours a day!

For places like driveways or gates where you might not want light all of the time, solar motion sensor lights might be something for you to consider.

Or, for any sheds in your yard, a solar shed light might be a wise investment.

Make that deck of yours the place to be in the evenings with some solar deck lights! They are simple and easy to install, and you’ll get many great benefits!

Ropes or strings of lights work well when wrapped around or tacked to railings or fences. This will highlight the major boundaries of your yard. And on a fence around a pool or hot tub, they can create a very pleasant atmosphere for relaxation.

Having lights around a garden or flower bed allows you to be able to enjoy your flowers throughout the night. And lighting up portions of trees and/or shrubbery will allow you to accent the beauty of your lush landscape.

Solar fairy lights are a magical way to accomplish this!

If you have some sort of sign in your yard, you can use solar sign lighting to light it up so people can see it after dark!

Experiment with different colored bulbs. By changing the color of the lighting, you can completely change the atmosphere of your landscape. Decorating for the season or in the colors of your favorite sports team can add beauty in a fun way!

Be on the lookout for solar lights in different shapes. This can add a unique flair to your yard.

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