Binding terms:
Purpose of blog site
(a) This blog site provides a place for you to access and use and upload and make available content to the blog site for the purpose of providing you with general information about Fascinators NYC and its activities.
(b) Fascinators NYC goal for this blog site is to create a trusted source where you may learn more about Fascinators NYC initiatives and campaigns, through participation.
(c) For the purpose of these guidelines, clauses 3(a) and 3(b) are the Purpose.
Access to and use of blog site
(a) Persons who have connected to their social network of choice through the commenting platform, may upload content and make available content to the blog site from time to time in accordance with these guidelines.
(b) Fascinators NYC welcomes all questions and commentary, including constructive feedback and will allow you to access and use the blog site and to upload and make available content to the blog site for the Purpose.
Monitoring of blog site
(a) Fascinators NYC expects participants to upload and make content available to the blog site that is relevant to the Purpose.
(b) Fascinators NYC doesnĺt take decisions on moderating content uploaded or made available to the blog site lightly. Fascinators NYC will actively monitor the blog site from time to time to ensure that any content uploaded or made available to the blog site is both relevant and appropriate to the Purpose.
(c) In addition to Fascinators NYC rights at law and as set out in these guidelines, Fascinators NYC reserves, in its absolute discretion, the right to reject, remove or modify any content (whether posted or proposed for posting) from the blog site and to block any person or entity that does not comply with these guidelines.
(d) Without limiting Fascinators NYC rights under clause 5(c), the Fascinators NYC will not allow or tolerate any content uploaded to or made available on the blog site that:
(i) is abusive, derogatory or defamatory, offensive, hateful in language, indecent, pornographic, obscene or discriminatory
(ii) constitutes cyber-bullying or threatens, stalks or harasses any person;
(iii) is unlawful or illegal or breaches any industry codes of practice or guidelines;
(iv) we believe would breach any privacy laws or discloses the personal information of any person or may be considered a security risk;
(v) deliberately disrupts discussions on the blog site or interferes with access to and the operation, use and functionality of the blog site;
(vi) may (or may reasonably be expected to) infringe or violate the intellectual property rights of any person or entity;
(vii) constitutes spam or is used to promote, sell, distribute or advertise any products or services;
(viii) solicits or incites unlawful behaviour or offensive or inappropriate conduct;
(ix) includes any uploads or attached files that contain viruses, corrupted files or any other similar software or programs that may damage the operation of a computer or a communications device or access to and use and operation of the blog site;
(x) uses any robot, spider or other device or software to retrieve, index, reproduce, search, scan, frame, scrape, modify, amend or otherwise copy content from the blog site;
(xi) includes any hyperlink, link baiting software (embedding a link in your post to draw traffic to another site) or other software or device that directs users of the blog site to other webpages and sites;
(xii) contains legal, financial or other professional advice; or
(xiii) Fascinators NYC, in its absolute discretion, considers is inappropriate.